Review: Prick of the Thistle (Heartwood #1) by Qeturah Edeli

Despite Lord Duncan Friseal's surly disposition, William finds the heir to the wealthy highland thanedom of Faoltaigh irresistible. After Lord Friseal saves William from a fate worse than death, William grows obsessed with his penetrating fuck-or-kill gaze and aches to discover what lies beneath his great kilt. Lord Friseal appears ignorant of William’s affections, but no matter; William has dealt with his fair share of capricious men and it will be only a matter of time before Lord Friseal succumbs and gives him what he craves.

Lord Friseal realizes too late how dangerously attracted to William he is. He cannot resist the temptation of a man who knows exactly what he wants and where he wants it. Constrained by his station, clan, and religion, Lord Friseal must decide if his passion for a sensuous but traumatized Englishman is worth risking his family’s future and the fate of his immortal soul. Circumstances continue to thwart his swelling sentimentality as William proves to be emotionally distant for all his sexual appetite, and Lord Friseal’s intrusive houseguest, Moira MacKenzie, draws ever closer to the truth.

Set in 1500's Scotland, debut novel Prick of the Thistle aims to deliver a QUILTBAG inclusive cast of characters. Lord Duncan Friesal is a redheaded widower who is lonely and still quietly grieves his wife, though five years has passed. He finds William, the part Gypcian epileptic traveling thespian half dead n his land. Is he a spy, this darker skinned androgynous man? Instead of leaving the slight man out in the harsh weather to die, he takes him into his castle.

Thus begins a long process, of William being kept as a house guest when his Duncan's family determines the "beautiful" William is English and shouldn't be trusted until verified. William sees the hulking ginger and all he thinks about is riding that "cock" if the Lord would just fall for his charms. Other men have, and he sees Duncan a fun way to pass time until he can return to his troupe of performers.

I don't think there is anyone more who wanted this to be a slam dunk more than me.

A Scottish ginger lord who wears kilts and slays beasts with his bow and arrow? Or an MC who is a minority with a disability and gets a starring role? Books like this don't come around too often. And there was a lot of detail with the setting that went into it. But this book had too many words to get a point across. It made it a chore to read. A kilt fail. (Two words I never thought to put together ever)

Where are the missteps? All over. I can't pinpoint the start.

The book could have kept the length if the story was written effectively. And sadly, I couldn't help but compare it to other QUILTBAG historical I've read in the past that were better written and tackled inclusiveness with ease.

If you're a stickler for accurate dialogue to match the setting in your historical, you will disappointed as the words read very modern. (I don't mind it much if the story is rocking)

The writing read like a textbook a lot of times. If you make it past the first chapter, you can get a sense of the writing style. It's not for everyone as it takes a while to get to the point, explains a lot of nothing that adds not much impact to the story. It doesn't improve as the story progresses. Instead of focusing on the main characters to get a better sense of where their heads are at (the head hopping and wishy-washy way they declare their actions didn't make me want more. Examples like learning about poisonous berries (that are not used in the story or plot) or the setting (how a hall looks or a field) or subjects like physics, trigonometry and philosophy.

Guess what my 3 least favorite school subjects are? Physics, philosophy and trigonometry.

It was like a 3 for 1 special on my one way trip to Snoozeville. (This is a me thing and not counted in my rating)

So in between all of the writing, the main characters go from strangers to house guest to one being cock-hungry and the other trying to befriend. Once it gets past the slow going first half, it jumps awkwardly into a first time sex scene. That read even more awkward that the dialogue. Duncan is exploring his bisexuality? I question because the story ends with a soft cliffhanger and I barely grasped what was going on.

The fact that William is cock hungry and doesn't deviate too far from that characteristic or seems to grow in all the written words, came off as lackluster. I don't mind cock crazed characters either but he was written so passively that the confident thoughts and no action made the read uneven for me.

The writing style however, is too saturated on the smaller things and if you take it away - you truly don't get a steady sense of either main character. Yes, this is a first book in a series that seems to plan to follow the "couple". It's not really romantic and ends HFN-ish. No romance, no establish couple, no sense of positive growth. The last third read rushed to drama with a shrew of a forced fiance and a handsy lesbian who knows keeping her sexuality a secret is dire for her well being but somehow she's blabbing to everyone. And there's an attempted rape but it starts oddly as this character did a 180 from how he was written for the other 90% from the book. It read like unnecessary drama.

I'm not buying it. And though I can see the effort put into the text, I can't recommend this. Unless you like going through every thought, tree, berry, subject and not really knowing much of the characters at the end. I highly suggest reading a sample before attempting Prick of the Thistle.

Maybe as this author continues writing, the style will get stronger. Maybe I would need to read the next story to get a better grasp of the plot arc. But after reading this textbook-like story and finishing with a huge WTF feeling, count me out.

Review: Regret (Under My Skin, #1) by Christina Lee

When Brian “Brin” Schubert’s condo floods, he takes his co-worker up on the offer to stay on his crappy futon for a while. The last thing he expects is for his friend’s roommate to be the one guy he despises the most. The same guy who stomped on his heart senior year of high school. And by the looks of the girl on his arm, the same man who’s still deep inside the closet.

Nicholas Dell never predicted that eleven years later, one of his greatest regrets would show up on his doorstep down on his luck. Nick has made some terrible mistakes—story of his life—and he’s been paying for them ever since. And if the guilt and shame aren’t enough, his first crush had to turn into one of the sexiest men he’s ever laid eyes on.

Nick and Brin have weeks to steer clear of each other. Weeks to avoid strangling each other. But when stubbornness leads to skyrocketing sexual tension, hate-sex doesn’t seem like such an awful way to work through their frustration. Except hate is a powerful emotion, especially when it’s turned inward. And in Nick’s case he’s been drowning in a sea of self-loathing for so long, he can’t see his way out.

As Brin reconnects with Nick, his perception of what really happened in their past begins to change. He’s finally ready to forgive him and take a second chance on the one guy who stirs him like no other. But Nick’s demons are complicated, heart-wrenching…demanding. So devastating, he might never allow himself true happiness—even with the one man who’s always owned his heart.

Alright. Lemme just have my Stuart Smalley moment here and fess up.

Hi! My name is Cupcake and I'm a sap. It's official after this read because Regret is sappy and if someone had handed me a biscuit I would've used it to sop the excess schmaltz off my kindle. Like a glutton. I flew through it too. I looked after what seemed like a couple minutes and was over 30%; the next thing I knew it said "the end" and now I'm jonesin' for more. Admittedly there were a couple moments wherein I actually recognized the sap may be being laid on a little thick but... *shrugs* 

So if there's some sort of sash or crown then someone can start fitting it out for me with extra bedazzling, please and thank you.
"You were my only source of light. Seeing you, talking to you... it filled me up, gave me something to look forward to every single day. I felt lost, otherwise."

Brin and Nick went to high school together. Brin was a geek/nerd to Nick's jock but they had something until something bad happened and Brin couldn't forgive Nick for it. Skip forward 11 years and a burst pipe in Brin's apartment lands him on his best friend Elijah's futon temporarily. Guess who's Elijah's roommate?

The bad thing that happened in high school was pretty bad by high school standards so I get Brin's wariness towards Nick, but I grappled with this grudge he holds. Sometimes you just have to Frozen that shit and this seemed like one of those times. 11 years, bro!

Nevertheless, Brin hasn't let it go and he makes Nick work for it even though he's still attracted to him and there's still clearly something between them.

Nick... *sigh* he's been through the wringer. Poor guy. I really felt for him, like, a lot. He's trying to do all the right things for all the right people, pretending to be someone he's not to make others happy and he's making himself miserable along the way. The road ahead looks bleak and lonely as hell so it's no wonder he struggles with depression and anxiety. Plus, he's carrying the weight of the world in the form of a childhood tragedy. He's getting professional help but he also needs someone to be on his side. And he really wants that person to be Brin even though he doesn't think he deserves him. He knows he fucked up and he does whatever's in his power to show Brin he's changed and how much regret he carries. Truth be told, Brin could never beat Nick up more than he beats himself up. Once Brin starts to recognize what's going on things begin to change. 

Lee did a commendable job with both of these characters, fleshing them out, making them relatable, heartfelt and genuine. This narrative and the dialogue flow easily and hooked me into this story immediately. The prose isn't polished-several words or phrases were used repeatedly. For example, Brin keeps referring to himself as a "needy bottom" and he has a "deep craving" which I kept thinking was some sort of kink and was starting to bounce a lil bit trying to guess what it was. But it turns out his "deep craving" is he needs an emotional connection with his lovers. I'm not sure how him preferring to bottom factors into that since Nick seems to need/want the same and he's a top so...

The sex while hot I wouldn't necessarily categorize as hate sex either. Maybe "hate sex" is more apropos. Though the face fucking scene... *stares off into space* Ahem. I'm not mad at it. Not at all.

The secondary characters are reasonably well developed and I'm REALLY hoping the next book features Tristan. And more dogs like Tally!!! Tally stole the show more than once. I'm not quite sure what to make of Elijah at this point. His boyfriend seems likes he's circling the controlling douchecanoe block which made me feel sorry for him, but he seems cool with it so who am I to judge? However I did find his investment in Nick and Brin bizarre. It tipped the nosiness line into weirdness and had my facial region doing some gymnastics. The family dynamics of both Brin and Nick were truly heartwarming though, even the awkward stuff with Brin's dad.

I'd never heard of Christina Lee prior to this request, but my first experience was certainly a success. She sure does know how to deliver a sparkling HEA that punched me in the feels and has me amped up to read the bejeezus out of the next one.

So thorough, yet overwhelmingly so-like he was trying to climb inside me and live there for a while. Little did he realize he already fucking did.

If you're a fan of second chance romances that are heavy on angst, new adult or are a sap like me I think you'll enjoy Regret.

A review copy was provided.

Blog Tour + Giveaway: A Kind of Home (A Kind of Stories, #4) by Lane Hayes

We're happy to have Lane Hayes and IndiGo Marketing visit us on the A Kind of Home blog tour today! See our review HERE! Hayes chats a bit about herself and her latest book in the A Kind of Stories series! Enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

Title:  A Kind of Home
Series: A Kind of Stories, #4
Author: Lane Hayes
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: June 23
Heat Level: 4 - Lots of Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 77k approximately
Genre: Romance, Bisexual, Rock star, NYC, humor, light suspense

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A Kind Of Home
Isaac Dalton is the guitarist for Spiral, arguably the biggest rock band in the world. The band’s meteoric rise to superstardom has its perks, but fame and fortune aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Nonstop touring and performing exhaust him, and when an overzealous fan makes it imperative that Isaac travel with a clingy bodyguard, he is ready for a break from the madness. More so when his newly single first crush shows up on his doorstep. The man is strictly off-limits. He’s a memory from a place Isaac would rather leave behind. And he’s straight.

Fun-loving former athlete slash construction worker Adam McBride desperately needs a new beginning. And New York City is the perfect place to start over and think about how to rebuild his life. A short stint as roommates with his brother’s best friend from high school seems like a mutually beneficial arrangement. However, when friendship gives way to fierce attraction, both men find themselves in uncharted and possibly dangerous territory. Isaac has to decide if he’s willing to take the ultimate risk for a kind of love and a kind of home he never dreamed possible.


Excerpt for A Kind of Home by Lane Hayes

“I’ve got it!” Adam sprang to his feet and waved his hand excitedly.

I gave him a weary sideways glance. “Whatever you’re thinking, stop.”

“No, it’s perfect. You teach me guitar and I’ll teach you how to bake something.”


“Not necessarily. When we can. The point is I’ll be here if you don’t feel like being alone. We can keep each other sane with wholesome diversions without having to ask ‘What do you feel like doing, roomie?’”

“‘Wholesome diversions’? You’ve been mainlining confectioner’s sugar again, haven’t you?” I quipped.

“Ha. Ha. Don’t overthink. I’ll keep my hands to myself. You’re safe with me. I promise. I just—we’re both adjusting to change. It might be helpful to lean on each other. That’s all.”


“Sure. Boston cream pie for a tip or two on how to play a couple Guns N’ Roses classics. What do you think?”

I lowered my eyes as I worked on the row of buttons on my navy shirt. I was touched. I couldn’t remember the last time someone stopped to notice my state of mental well-being and offered to ease my mind. I knew my friends cared, but they were going through the same things I was. All they could say was “Hang on. It’ll get easier.” Adam was offering something more—himself and his time. Platonically.

I wasn’t sure I trusted myself to keep us in the friend zone. Even now I wanted to tackle him to the bed and grind against him. He was solid, familiar, and trustworthy. Just what I needed to keep my mind off my troubles.

“Okay. You’re on.” I chuckled when he let out a whoop before I continued. “But we each get to choose what we want to learn.”

Adam mulled over my suggestion for a moment, then inclined his head. “As long as you know we aren’t making anything from a box.”

“And as long as you know I can only take so many run-throughs of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ before I’ll strangle you.”

Adam gave me a megawatt grin and then held up his hand for a high five. I slapped his hand and then rolled my eyes when he broke into a decent impression of Axl Rose’s version of “Patience.”

“Go,” I said, shooing him out of my bedroom. “I’ve got real-life bullshit to deal with. No more nonsense.”

“A little nonsense is good for you, Isaac. It’s what keeps you afloat so the bad stuff doesn’t drag you under.” He reached for my wrist and pulled me against him so our chests collided.

It was a slapstick maneuver that was too rough to be taken as a sensual overture. Until he backed me against the wall and lowered his head a fraction of an inch, stopping when his nose brushed mine. I held my breath, aware of my thundering heart. My world constricted to the smallest fragment of space. I occupied a place against a wall, covered by a man I’d known most of my life. Someone I cared about and, yeah, lusted after too.

Adam lowered his head again, and this time he didn’t stop. He pressed his lips to mine and went perfectly still as though testing my response. When I didn’t protest, he melded his mouth over mine, careful to keep the connection light. I reached out and ran a tentative hand along his cheek. Adam trembled and leaned into my touch, deepening the kiss ever so slightly. Then he licked my lips in a silent request for entry. I groaned when our tongues glided together and let him pull me under.

I broke for air and pushed his chest. This was ridiculous. We were friends only, and we were destined for heartache if we tried to be something else. “We can’t do this. I told you, I—”

Adam tugged at my belt loop and drew me against him. Then he rested his forehead against mine and went still as though he was wordlessly giving me control. I should have pushed him away, but I couldn’t. I fused my lips to his and moaned into the connection. I shivered when he moved his hands up my chest, then placed them on the wall on either side of my head. He nudged my chin with his nose until I exposed my neck. He traced my jawline with the tip of his tongue and then bit my earlobe before whispering in a raspy voice, “No repeats. I’ll behave. But I gotta admit… I really want to change your mind.”


Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


Author Interview

A Kind of Home is finally here! This is book 4 in my A Kind of Stories series and this one belongs to Isaac and Adam. And yeah, I have a huge book boyfriend crush on Adam. Then again, any man who knows his way around a kitchen is my kind of guy! LOL. A Kind of Home is a friends to lovers story. It’s about the thrill of recognizing that what you’ve always wanted was there all along. How romantic!

What’s your next project?
I’m currently working on my Leaning Into series. Book 3, Leaning Into Touch is with the editors now. It should be out by late September. Fingers crossed.

Name 5 favorite movies.
Pride and Prejudice, When Harry Met Sally, Roman Holiday, Rear Window, It’s A Wonderful Life

What’s your favorite love story?
Pride and Prejudice

What’s your favorite line from your favorite book?
“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”-  Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Are you a morning or night person?

If you were a pair of jeans, what style would you be? Why?
I’d be a pair of Chemin de Fer jeans circa 1979, specifically the ultra awesome ones with embroidered roller skates. Why? Because I couldn’t fit my booty in those things (and I certainly couldn’t today, lol) and it absolutely gutted me. I’d remake them to a soft, cushy, stretchy jean anyone could wear!

Thank you so much for having me here today!

Happy Reading,
Lane Hayes xo

Meet the Author

Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best. Writing full-time! It’s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel. An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well-told love story with beautifully written characters. These days she prefers the leading roles to both be men. Lane discovered the M/M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked. Her debut novel was a 2013 Rainbow Award finalist and subsequent books have received Honorable Mentions, and were winners in the 2016 Rainbow Awards. She loves red wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband in an almost empty nest.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Review: The Mystery of the Curiosities (Snow & Winter #2) by C.S. Poe

Life has been pretty great for Sebastian Snow. The Emporium is thriving and his relationship with NYPD homicide detective, Calvin Winter, is everything he’s ever wanted. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Sebastian’s only cause for concern is whether Calvin should be taken on a romantic date. It’s only when an unknown assailant smashes the Emporium’s window and leaves a peculiar note behind, that all plans get pushed aside in favor of another mystery.

Sebastian is quickly swept up in a series of grisly yet seemingly unrelated murders. The only connection tying the deaths together are curiosities from the lost museum of P.T. Barnum. Despite Calvin’s attempts to keep Sebastian out of the investigation, someone is forcing his hand, and it becomes apparent that the entire charade exists for Sebastian to solve. With each clue that’ll bring him closer to the killer, he’s led deeper into Calvin’s official cases.

It’s more than just Sebastian’s livelihood and relationship on the line—it’s his very life.

This is really turning into a fun series and I believe I enjoyed the second even more than the first. Most probably because when book #1 ended, Sebastian and Calvin were still very “new” and there was a lot of evolution in their relationship in book #2 that I absolutely loved reading.

The mystery kept me connected in a fun and engaging way. If you’re looking for plot twists, turns and surprises at the end of every chapter, this is not that story and I was perfectly fine with that. I read this while on a long weekend away decompressing and this was the perfect level of mysterious for that setting. It was fun while interesting and I didn’t have to think about it too hard to keep up. I could follow along with Sebastian’s OTT shenanigans and just enjoy the ride. Was it realistic for Sebastian to insert himself into police investigations? Of course not, but I didn’t come here for the absolute reality, I came for Sebastian, Calvin, their secondary characters; the mystery-lite was a bonus. Shit happens to Sebastian because it does, that’s all I really need to know to wallow in Snow & Winter happily.

I do so love the quirk and the snark Sebastian and Calvin share, but their relationship carries some extra weight in book 2. Neither of these guys are kids and it’s refreshing to read about two characters who are getting into a relationship while also have some history that they are both working through. As we get older, we become a culmination of our experiences and that is so true for both of these guys. The story was really well balanced between the thrill of new love and the gravity of the past. Calvin’s path could have been a story in itself, but the author kept the tone even enough so that there was no question as to the pain and struggle Calvin lived with, but the chance of new love kept the story hopeful even through the worst of times described.

Major props to Sebastian’s dad, the man is a rock that both Calvin and Sebastian need and he’s one of those quiet, yet amazing characters that hits you right in the feels with a few well-placed words and unwavering support consistently. The relationship between Sebastian and his dad was well described in book 1, but Calvin was included in that mix in book 2 and it created some heartwarming moments that made my heart happy for Calvin.

C.S. Poe has a writing style that is easy to fall into, I forget that I’m reading and just flow along with the words. For me, that’s the best kind of escape and the main reason I love to read to begin with. I’m eagerly waiting for the next installment of Snow & Winter, I can’t wait to read about the next step on their way to their happily ever after.

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

Review: I Do, or Dye Trying (Curl Up and Dye Mysteries #4) by Aimee Nicole Walker

Newly engaged Josh Roman and Gabe Wyatt know the road to happily ever after won’t be easy, but the two men are certain their biggest challenges are in the rearview mirror. However, life in Blissville is never what it seems and all signs point to dangerous curves ahead.

Josh and Gabe refuse to take a detour because everything they've dreamed of is within reach, not even when professional and personal revelations threaten to wreck their plans. It should be the happiest time in their lives, yet neither man can shake the feeling that something sinister waits around the next corner.

Buckle your seatbelts and hang on for the ride because Josh and Gabe are committed to saying “I do” or die trying.

I Do, or Dye Trying is the fourth book in the Curl Up and Dye Mysteries series. These books need to be read in order as the storyline unravels throughout the series. They contain sexually explicit material and are intended for adults 18 and older.

To be honest, this series started out just being an okay read for me.  Yeah, it had charm and the writing was smart but it didn’t really grab me.  There was a bit too much of a lack of communication in the first book and I wanted to wring Josh’s neck more than a few times.  Stubborn man is stubborn!  But, with each subsequent book I became more and more interested.  There was just something about Josh and Gabe that called to me and by the time I reached the third book in the series I was in love and these two men had become one of my most favorite couples of all time.   

Gabriel is a dream.  Big, strong alpha male of a police detective, Gabe is every man’s (and woman’s) fantasy come to life.  Not only is he gruff and protective, he’s also not afraid to show his more sensitive side.  Especially when it comes to loving Josh.

I think one of the things I love most about Josh is that he knows exactly who he is.  He’s campy; he’s flamboyant; he’s a total drama queen and he’s not afraid to flaunt it.  He knows he presents as the stereotypical gay boy.  It’s not a front; it’s just who he is, and if you don’t like it you can keep on walking.  He doesn’t have time for your shenanigans, he’s got enough of his own to deal with.

Put them together and you have the most perfect-for-each-other couple that I’ve ever read about.  They complement each other so well.  You know those couples that seem to know what the other is thinking and can have entire conversations with each other just using their eyes?  That’s Josh and Gabe.  I wouldn’t say that they live in each other’s pockets, they’re too independent for that, but they work together seamlessly.  I’d be quite jealous of their relationship if they were real.

In this final installment, Gabe and Josh have worked out most of their issues and they’re getting married!  Of course, something’s got to come along to put a wrinkle in their happy, right?  I mean, what is their life without someone trying to murder one of them? 

This book focuses more on their relationship than it does the mystery and I find that I don’t mind that at all.  We still got a bit of the whodunit, it was just on the back burner, though the reveal at the end was gasp worthy in my opinion.  The further I got into the series, the less I cared about the mysteries.  I just wanted to read about Josh and Gabe.  I could read many, many more books about them and never get bored.  Ms. Walker sure knows how to write fascinating characters!  For a bit there I wanted to move to their town so I could befriend them.  Then I remembered that they live in Ohio and it’s too danged cold there for this Southern girl.  Plus, they’re, ya know, not real, but whatever.  I still want to know them.

So, it’s with a heavy heart I say good-bye to these fabulous men.  I will miss them so very much.  I recommend this for lovers of romantic suspense, smart writing, witty banter and just feel good stories all around.

P.S.  in case you were wondering, the sex was hot hot HOT!  All kinds of smutty goodness up in here.  Wall sex… table sex… chair sex… stripper pole sex…  Smut lovers will certainly be pleased. 

I know I was.

Blog Tour + Giveaway: Different Dynamics by Tamir Drake

Welcome new author Tamir Drake and IndiGo Marketing to the blog as they make a tour stop for the paranormal hockey erotica, Different Dynamics. KNOTTING enthusiasts pay attention! There's an excerpt, character bio and a NineStar Press eBook giveaway! Excited? Yeah, you are!

Title:  Different Dynamics
Author: Tamir Drake
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: June 26
Heat Level: 4 - Lots of Sex
Pairing: Male/Male Menage
Length: 19300
Genre: Contemporary, paranormal, erotica, ABO, sports, hockey, MMM, knotting, hurt/comfort, dirty talk

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Richard doesn’t mind being an omega; all he cares about is playing good hockey, even though it means ignoring the media that tries to rip him apart for it. They don’t think omegas should be allowed on the ice, but he gets along fine. He’s team captain. He can play with the best of them.

The one sticking point is his heats; Richard might be on suppressants, but he’s one of the unlucky ones who still gets a heat every four months or so. They suck to deal with, especially alone, but seeking out a heat partner isn’t an option. The PR nightmare alone keeps him from any kind of hook-up. He can’t risk it. Hockey is all he’s got.

When Richard’s heat comes early while his team is on a roadie, teammate and best friend James helps him out of a bad situation. Tired of hurting, Richard decides it’s better not to go it alone. And James is safe and warm; he’s a great alpha who knows just what Richard needs. When Richard also imprints on big, bad rival player, Dmitry Sokolov? There’s sweet comfort in a three-way with lots of knotting and dirty talk.

Richard might be on cloud nine.


Different Dynamics
Tamir Drake © 2017
All Rights Reserved

His hockey team was in the middle of a roadie when Richard woke up feeling painful and tender and thought, Fuck. His heat was early.

It wasn’t supposed to happen; being on suppressants meant his heats should come every four months instead of every thirty days, and they were supposed to be timed out. This one was due next week, when he’d be back home with two days off skating to at least deal with it. The first forty-eight hours, for him, was always the worst part. Yeah, he’d still have interviews and charity events in the downtime, but with the libido inhibitor and odor-blockers, he’d always been able to manage.

There was nothing for it now. He had practice and then the game—at least it was an afternoon game—so he sucked it up and dug out the briefs with their sewn-in pocket for absorption pads that, luckily, he always took with him just in case. He also popped a couple ibuprofen to try to ward off the pain he knew was coming. With any luck, he’d be able to get through practice and the game, and then have the night and tomorrow morning to curl up under his covers, suffer, and hate himself.

Every omega’s heat was different. Some had it so easy they didn’t have to bother with suppressants. Some had a partner, or they’d find one to help them through their heat, which could last between three days and nine. Others went on suppressants and were in the lucky camp of not having to ever deal with heats.

Richard had never been lucky. He had an implant that kept his heats as regulated as possible. But when he did get them, the onset was sudden and painful, especially the first two days—and they lasted for seven. His insides felt like they were burning up, and on top of the pain, he had to deal with nausea. Heats supposedly felt good when you had a partner to help you through them.

Richard wouldn’t know. He’d been on libido inhibitors since he was twelve. And while heat and sex were different things, he was the only omega playing in the NHL. He had to be careful, and that meant not letting anyone get close enough to know…

He was already under constant media scrutiny because he was captain of his team. And playing as an omega? Letting people know he had heats, period, was a risk. He’d heard it all before when he’d gone first in the draft:

A detriment to the team.

Uncontrollable actions.

What kind of player has a hair trigger?

Can he even play?

He’d gotten the implant ages ago, had it updated every two years like clockwork, sucked up the pain, and pretended he was one of the lucky ones who didn’t go through heats at all.


NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Meet a Character from Different Dynamics

Character Bio: Richard

Richard is 28 years old, and has been playing hockey professionally since he went first in the draft at 19. He grew up pretty lonely. Being a hockey prodigy was hard on him--he got bullied a lot, by kids and adults alike, who weren’t happy at how well he was doing, and he got it a lot worse once it was found out that he was an omega. He started pushing people away in self-defense, but it just made him feel more isolated. Being drafted was actually a huge help; his team was really close, and they welcomed him into it, became his friends (and were very vocal about how it wasn’t a big deal that he was an omega) and that’s when Richard started feeling at home and comfortable. But in the back of his mind he’s still terrified that they’ll realize he isn’t worth it and he’s going to end up all alone.

In terms of his heats, Richard got his heat suppressant implant pretty much the day he got signed. It hadn’t quite been a contract stipulation, but he wouldn’t have cared even if it had been--he’d been wanting the implant for years. Getting signed just meant he could afford it. He’d been over the moon when he didn’t go into heat the following month. He basically spent the next three months crossing his fingers and then being so, so relieved when nothing happened. Getting his heat that fourth month was a really hard blow for him, and he still thanks his lucky stars that he hadn’t gotten rid of any of the stuff he used to keep a lid on his heats, like his libido inhibitors or odor-blockers. The next seven days were utterly miserable. Not only because of how much he was hurting -his inhibitors made his head pound and his stomach cramp- but because he was overwhelmed with the scent of his teammates and scared sick worrying what would happen if it was discovered that he was going through a heat at all.

Meet the Author

Tamir has the tendency to write feelings into everything, no matter how filthy. He’s not all that sorry about it. Visit him on his Website.

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